Our services offered to companies rely on the complex interpretation of personal and property protection, besides physical protection we also depend on information collected via investigation techniques to provide protection and prevention. We gather information about your competitors, business partners, their aims and relationships. We discover and, in cooperation with the authorities, we prevent the illegal usage and forgery of your intellectual products, trademarks or brands.

During our consultation and planning activities we coordinate different protection techniques. The protection plan ensures the protection of business and personal secrets, and the security evaluation of people working in important or confidential positions.

The security check of working force and the value of the damage caused by corrupt employees:
Employers often don’t calculate the amount of money he or she loses when employing a person who doesn’t fit into the organization. In case of a dismissal the employer can pay twice or three times the employee’s salary. In these cases you also have to calculate the commission of the head hunter and the expenditures invested in the employee. (training, equipment, etc.) not to mention the intentional damage caused by the employee.

The professionals at ALESEK Ltd. help you to find the person most suitable for the job.

Our company had a lot of contracts recently when we had to investigate the abuses of employees. We experienced theft, corrupt behaviour and employees giving secret information to competitors. In most cases these could have been avoided by appropriate human resource management and continuous security checks.

ALESEK Ltd. has created the security procedures which should be applied according to the position while choosing the suitable human resources:

- during the job interview of the new applicants the qualifications and certificates should be checked for validity. The phone numbers in the references should also be checked, in order to prove if they belong to real companies or people.

- if the applicants new position requires handling of greater values, then at least two references should be checked and you have to make sure that he or she has a clean record

- in case the applicant will get in contact with confidential data or especially great values, then environment studies also should be made, to determine if he or she has contacts with competitors, and his lifestyle is suitable to the position.

Our services to lawyers and lawyer offices can be useful to professionals dealing with criminal and civil law too. In financial cases we can provide confidential data to cases in or outside court. In other cases we can search for information which supports the interests of our customers. We offer data during the whole court procedure to the representatives of either the offended or the accused party in order to create the most successful strategy.

Services provided to private individuals include gathering of special information associated with family relations and childcare. In our child and youth protection programme we explore the circumstances which can have a negative effect on your children’s development. In case of a divorce we can provide the information which is needed to make sure your suspicion is valid. Our services are very helpful in divorce, wealth sharing and child accommodation cases.

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