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Private investigation belongs to the most complex tasks of our company. While acquiring  data we use public databases like the register of title deeds, the archives of the registry court and resources on the internet. We also use techniques like hidden cameras, which can be disguised in any area or place due to its small size.

According to the needs of our customers we use cameras and telescopic lenses. Environment analysis is also among the methods we use.

This method requires the biggest discretion and experience, since the private investigator has direct contact with the environment of the target person.


- what is the behavior of the target person, and who are his/her contacts?
- does he/she show up in a given place, in the given circumstances?
- does he/she have addictions or bad habits?
- what are his/her expenditure habits?
- what are the family relations and history of the subject?


- risk evaluation, analysis and consultation
- the making of environment analysis
- the acquiring of information and evidence in court and out-of court cases
- the technical revision of rooms and computers
- training of people working in this field of work
- security counseling


Our main profile is the outstanding debt management, which we always carry out with great efficiency and according to the law. Together with our partner law office we intend to get your claims as quickly as possible

Nowadays prevention is one of the most important factors in choosing a correct and reliable contract partner for your company or office. Unfortunately even with due foresight it can happen that customers or partners don’t settle their invoices after the fulfilment of the contract. 

Our office can help you to make contracts with the appropriate guarantees. Presumably it can prevent later litigations and you can negotiate with your clients in a better position and bigger confidence.

All of the above can be realized by a framework contract, in which a red seal indicates the contract to our company. The yearly charge of our contract is 65,000 HUF+VAT, and during the valid period you receive our red stamp, which you can use on your business partner’s invoices. With this red seal you can warn your business partners that after the expiration of the invoice, ALESEK Ltd. will start the collection of the debts automatically.

The benefits of this framework contract are the promptness and the decrease of expenses, because you don’t need to make a new contract every time with our company.

You can put our seal on all of your invoices and delivery notes FREE OF CHARGE.

Your company will send the invoices with red seal to our company (via fax or in person) so ALESEK Ltd.  can track the history of your debts. On the last day of every month you receive a list of the sealed invoices from our company, where you can indicate which of them has been fulfilled. In case the invoice hasn’t been paid, we start the collection of the debts immediately – and the success fee is only the 10% of the collected amount of money.  The starting charge of the debt collection is only 10,000 HUF+VAT (which will be included in the 10% success fee) If the debt collection fails the starting charge is non-refundable.

Our company helps you to receive your debts within the boundaries of law. We protect your business contacts. Our aim is to keep your good business relations, and to achieve a financial agreement with your debtor. Our work consists of personal contacts and a series of negotiations. We can also provide debt indicator people in front of the office or home of your debtor.



During safeguarding we use live guard as well as technical systems. Live guarding is done by our tried, checked and responsible colleagues. We can provide guards with weapons or with dogs if needed. We can mobilize our guards in a short period of time who can speak several foreign languages according to the needs of our customers. Our guards can use the amount of body power (corresponding to the law) which can repel the attack against the security of the subject, prevent the entry to the guarded area or object, or remove the person unlawfully staying there.

Guarding with technical systems includes the installation and operation of camera networks, entry systems, fire and security alarms and other security related systems. Additionally we can evaluate the area or building against security risks, and give an offer suited to the special needs of the customer, which we can execute in a short period of time.


- the guarding of  buildings, areas, premises, vehicles or other objects
- the escorting of shipments
- the design, installation, supervision, operation, repair and maintenance of security systems
- the maintenance and cleaning of the guarded object



More and more companies, associations or groups need a professional team to safeguard their programmes. According to the instructions of the person in charge, or the police the guards can prevent people to bring specific items to the closed area of the programme. In order to achieve this goal our colleagues check the bags of the entrants regularly. To check the entrants we also use a weapon and explosives detector.


Our guards can carry chemicals, baton, guard dog and guns during the execution of the task, and they can use them in emergency cases. We also provide technical support and vehicles if needed.  


- accounts and tax expertise
- business, financial and economic consultation
- company evaluation
- market and public opinion research
- granting of credit, real estate management


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